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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Very good movie, but having the story immediately begin 8 years in the future, with Batman literally having hung up his cape the moment the credits began in TDK, made the first hour very compressed as they had to relate everything that happened before (as it turns out, not much!) Once Bane is in Gotham and Batman is back on the prowl, the movie takes off and never relents.

Obviously this is impossible now, but if Nolan really wanted to start TDKR 8 years in the future after Batman has hung it up, another movie could (and perhaps should) have been done, with its ending being Bruce quitting Batman. It would have given more space to introduce Miranda Tate, make her a more compelling love interest, which would have made her turn in TDKR far more powerful. Introducing Kyle and Blake in a hypothetical third of four Nolan Batman movies would have been very enjoyable.

Bale was great as Bruce Wayne, as compelling as he was in Begins and much more so than in TDK. Surprised how much JGL there was, but he was superb (nothing beats his turn as Cobra Commander! ) Bane was a terrific villain, and that first fight was simply one of the best battles in any comic book movie. Unfortunately, his voice was somewhat all over the map in audibility, but he was truly terrifying, and most importantly in a completely different manner than Ledger's Joker. Hathawy was equally terrific as Selina Kyle, perhaps the best fighting/action chops of any actress in the superhero genre. And kudos for one more Scarecrow appearance!

My main complaint is that while the flashbacks were effective, I think there were too many, and again there was a lot of exposition (necessitated by the 8 year jump). But overall, a great time at the movies. Can't wait to see it again and again and again!
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