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Re: 50 Shades Of Grey phenomenon? Mommy porn outsells Potter and Twili

Went to dinner with my parents this evening and on the way back to their house stopped by a store so my mom could buy the third book, I flipped through the book some and read parts of it and the prose in it just made me laugh. But we did have something of a discussion on who would play the characters in the movie. I don't know what the casting ideas would be for the movie or what actors would be up for it but based on what my mom tells me about the male protagonist in the movie she agreed with me that Bradley Cooper would make for a good lead.

Near as I could tell from flipping through the book the female narrator of the book is pretty much the blank-sheet/Bella Swan that could be played by anyone.

And, yeah, god, the parts in the book were just funny. One section I read had the two stammering at one another of a meal of... nuts or something. The guy gets up from their table, walks over to the woman and suggests they retire to the bedroom and then he asks her not to go pee. (?!?!?)

Yeah, I really laughed at that and actually said, "What the fuck?!" and closed the book.
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