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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

Just got back. Sorry "Amazing Spider-man" but I think this movie's going to steal your "Amazing" part

My sporadic thoughts

I was surprised a how little Gary Oldman and Michael Caine there was in this movie.

Gordon's in the hospital for the majority of the film. Alfred has left Bruce.

With these reduction we get a bigger role for Morgan Freeman which was nice btw.

I could understand 90% of what Bane said. The stadium was crystal clear. The sewer fight was a bit hard as was the prison speech.

It almost felt as if Bane voice was disembodied. Sideeffect of redubbing it too much now.

The voice doesn't even sound like it's there in the scene.

Speaking of that. I could not understand some of Oldman's dialog while he was at Blake apartment.

Was it me or did it sound like some people were hurrying through their dialog. Especially during the opening and the Harvey Dent celebration at Wayne Manor.

The back break of Batman was brutal.

I'm a bit sad we'll never see Joseph Gordon Levitt take up the mantle. Maybe in a hypothetical 4th movie Bruce returns.

I was a bit surprised at how fast John Blake just blurts out "I know you're Batman"

Alfred's extensive knowledge of Bane was a bit too convienent

There were alot of allusions to "Rising"

Nolan went all out with the CGI for the Bat. It felt like a character even without the autopilot

I could have done without Gordon learning Batman's identity.

Anne Hathaway did an alright job as Selina/Catwoman

Hathaway- I'm sorry you lost all your money

Bruce- No you're not

More thoughts to come as I digest the movie
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