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Re: 50 Shades Of Grey phenomenon? Mommy porn outsells Potter and Twili

I have read the first 14 chapters of the first book. And to be honest, I'm having a hard time staying interested.

Not that I wouldn't probably enjoy a good strong smutty book...because I probably would. But THIS smutty book features what is quite possibly THE most annoying writing style ever put forth in a best-selling novel. EGADS, this writer is terrible.

I do not think, in the 14 chapters I've read (and they are LONG-ASS chapters, too!) that there has been a single page where the female character doesn't 'blush' or 'flush'. Jesus, what an annoyingly pathetic individual! Also high on my list of overused words and phrases are:

"Oh my!" (occurs at least once in 3 pages)
"I looked down at my hands and..." (also occurs at least every 3 pages)
"My inner goddess..." (at least every 5-6 pages)

Also, the fact that every single conversation takes place in a 'murmur' is getting annoying. Good grief...don't be such a weenie, fer cryin' out loud. Talk like a couple of adults!

The story itself is actually not terrible so far. Not wonderful...but not terrible. However, this writer is just ruining it with the glacial pace (when I nearly put it down after about 6 chapters, my friends encouraged me to keep going because 'it really picks up in chapter 12'. Aside from the fact that it really has NOT picked up all that much since chapter 12, why in the heck should it take to chapter 12 to 'pick up' at all?) and all the repetitive words, phrases, conversations among characters, etc.

What this writer needs more than anything on earth is a good editor...and an even better thesaurus.

Maybe I'm just too used to reading spy novels or something.

Anyway...I'm gonna really try to finish this first book, just to say I've done it. But I have not picked the thing up in over a week...and I'm almost sort of dreading having to do so over the weekend so that I can report to one of my girlfriends who is crazy for these books that I am 'making progress'.

In truth, the thing I find more fascinating that the books is the phenomenon surrounding the books! Women my age would NEVER have walked into a store 10 years ago and bought this kind of thing. But now, with the ability to download books in the anonymity of your own home and read them on an e-reader, I guess a lot of women did so...thus opening the floodgates of middle-aged women who were smut-curious...but who were previously inhibited by the idea of walking to a checkstand with smut in-hand...and reading such a book on the bus, train or plane, for all to see. Now, because so many women are talking about the books, it has become 'okay' to go right out and buy smut - and not just on e-readers...but even in regular book format. assessment is that the book itself is not very good...but I very much like what the phenomenon surrounding it has done among the female population. Terrible book or not, I think this phenomenon is freeing up women a bit, which is good.
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