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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

I went it with somewhat low expectations given some of the reviews. Also a down feeling given the events of today.

But I really liked it a LOT much more than I thought I would. It really moves fast for such a long film. Sure there are things that could have been different but I was very pleased.

Its amazing how many elements of final Batman stories or near final Batman stories there were.

Dark Knight Returns
Robin(possibly) inheriting the mantle\
Bruce and Selia together
Old comics had ALfred writing imaginary stories of Bruce's future

My only minor gripe is Robin's name. Clearly to be a surprise. How many people in a general audience would have gotten the reference of his first name being Richard or Dick.

There is a way to explain it. He was in an orphanage and raised in different foster homes. John Blake might not be his birth name.
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