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Re: Star Trek: Our Sacred Honor--A Tale Of Captain Ezri Dax

Well, Halliwel...the story's not over, yet. Still, I'm glad you're loving it.

As for Spock--well, that's a connection to my previous story, "A Rendezvous With Destiny". If you haven't read it, yet--I strongly recommend it, to get an idea of the source for their deep friendship. Everything here, flows from there.

As for Sisko...I feel that's grounds for its own story--and I don't want to write anything to conflict with what the writers will do with him in the future. Also...I personally wouldn't have been able to "buy" Sisko being confident enough to give Ezri any stength or wisdom, what with what he's going through, as of the period this tale's set. I basically imply, in the beginning of Ezri's sequence with Julian, that Sisko's in his period of isolation. I doubt he's do much more than lock himself in his ready room to watch the proceedings (as he does, here).

All that being said--I am extremely grateful for making you an Ezri fan--and a fan of my work. Again, I strongly recommend "Rendezvous," if you want to get a "feel" for her friendship with Spock. (Note--I am a BIG shipper for Julian/Ezri, and a major element in my tales is arranging things so they possibly can come back together, some day...)

Thanks for reading!
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