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Re: SpaceX is a go for April 30th: 1st commercial launch to space stat

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You could do the same mission cheaper and sooner using 2 launches of a Delta IV.
That's not cheap. Now I'm trying to find out just what Falcon heavy can launch. 40 tons or 53? I get different figures...

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"Largely built?" they completed the last welds on the pressure vessel of a single prototype; still missing from the design is its avionics and control software, maneuvering systems, heatshield, sensors, radars/radios, and life support systems; they haven't even finalized a design for the service module.Hell, the Venture Star was closer to being flight ready when Congress finally cancelled it.
Ack--Venture Star. That is a bit of a stretch. Looks like things are on track with Orion though..warts and all:

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Sierre Nevada partially grew out of that ULA culture, so they're way beyond that point.
Looks like they are staying loyal to Atlas V--the better of the two EELVs

I wonder if Branson should just go to Space Ship 3--a high passenger sub-orbital ride to be launched under the Stratolauncher to fill more seats. Then for the higher tier, the falcon rocket with the dragon capsule with fewer, richer clients to orbit.

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