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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

About The Dark Knight...

- I saw it again last night for the first time since 2008. I absolutely loved it back then, but this time around, it did seem a little more bogged down in politics than I remember, especially at the beginning.

- Nolan did a great job of using the right camera work to make the Joker look scary and psychotic. This was especially evident in those video messages.

- Maggie Gyllenhaal is way hotter than I remember and has a great figure.

More on The Dark Knight Rises...

Spoilers ahead!

- It was a good balance between the political thrill we got with The Dark Knight and the comic book feel we got with Batman Begins.

- When Batman was flying the bomb out to sea, how and when did he get out of the Bat?

-As I said above, I wondered if Dick Grayson would get some sort of mention, and before I saw the movie, this is how I thought it should have gone down... I thought it should have been revealed that during the 8-year gap, Bruce had a ward named Dick Grayson who lived at Wayne manor, but went off to college at some point. We wouldn't have actually seen him, but maybe we'd have Alfred talking to him on the phone.
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