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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

Knowing how networks think (i.e. assuming that the success or failure of a show is a function of its category or subject matter rather than its quality), I wouldn't be surprised if the failure of the V reboot has hurt the chances of the Alien Nation reboot getting made.

Anyway, although I'm not opposed to reboots and reinventions as a rule, I'd rather see an in-continuity sequel to Alien Nation than a reboot. I loved the world created by that show; it really felt real and tangible to me. (While the show was on the air, I bought into its reality so fully that when I was outside and saw a bald man in the distance, for a split-second I'd think it was a Newcomer.) So I'd love to revisit that world and see how it's evolved over the past 20 years. (It's different from Star Trek, which has already had plenty of chances to expand its world, so it's gotten to the point where I'd be intrigued to see a truly distinct take on it. Alien Nation, by contrast, only got one season, a few TV movies, and a smattering of novels and comics of variable quality, so I feel that world still has a lot of untapped potential.)
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