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1:350 Scale Enterprise


So my fantastic wife bought me a 1:350 scale Enterprise for our anniversary. I'm super excited and have been making construction plans since.

I'm making some custom bits including the bridge interior, and rec deck.

Now the rec deck in TMP always pissed me off that it didn't follow the exteriour contours of the ship. That said, mine will. Some things just meant to be, so I made this in google sketchup to get a handle on things. I made this off of drawings based on screencaps from trekcore.

As you can see, the room does indeed accomodate a great number of crew. Like in the screen caps, they are shoulder to shoulder. This shot has over 320 people I believe. I can put more, but it illustrates my point that the room is large when empty.

I will put some balconies along the slope, including some chairs and tables, and sofas. A lounge...

My only issue with this configuration (the only one that fits really), is that the view screen should be on the other side of the room, like a movie theatre, but we can't have everything can we?

So does anyone have any thoughts on this? It won't be super duper detailed due to the scale, but I will try as hard as possible...

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