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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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Oh, the Republic Trooper will probably vanish within minutes of being put on store pegs. Almost every EU/video game action figure in recent years sells like hotcakes and skyrockets in price on the secondary market...Darth Revan...Darth Malak...Jaina and Jacen Solo...Bastila Shan...Darth Malgus. The chances of finding this trooper in stores are slim to nil unless you just happen to be there right as or right after they're stocking the peg wall with new figures.

The new Starkiller(Galen Marek) and Shae Vizla figures from the Vintage Collection have been spotted a few times, but they don't last long. These kind of figures have "comic and collectible shop" and "eBay" written all over them.
yep, i remember searching in vain for all those figures and not finding them anywhere except for toy shops.
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