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Re: VOY Caption Contest 82; Cavalier Attitudes...

Janeway: How much longer can we keep them out?

Seven: As long as their fur doesn't interact with the plasma relays we shouldn't experience any problems.

Janeway: *sigh* Of course I would have the luck to incur the wrath of the tribbles.

Seven: I'd say more like the wrath of the Quadrant.

Doc: Madness? SICKBAY!

Q (in Janeway's body): Now see what you've done, Kathy? You suggest that my son indulge in a little creativty and he switches our bodies!

Tom: I bet I can get us all back to the Alpha Quadrant at warp 10 without anyone turing into salamanders!

Icheb and Q exchanged looks of horror when they realized that the reading material on the captain's PADD was some very steamy J/C fanfic from the intergalactic fanfiction outpost.
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