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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

The trivia I posted earlier in the thread says that this movie deals with pain, but I think it deals more with loneliness. That's what stood out for me.

Spoilers ahead...

- Bruce has always lived a lonely life, but his is even moreso in this movie now that he's become a recluse.

- Alfred is by himself because Bruce is so distant. Even in the end, the quiet peace and hapiness we see is a solitary one with Bruce gone. Even his seeing him again is consistent with Bruce's MO... Being distant.

- Selina Kyle lives a lonely life as well, having been on her own and having to get by as a thief to support herself.

- John Blake lost his parent just like Bruce did.

- Commissioner Gordon's wife left him and took the kids.

- Talia had a falling out with her father and became estranged.

- Bane was left behind by Talia, though out of necessity.

- Bruce and Selina have vacated the lives they knew and seem to only have eachother.
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