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Re: Live-Action Superman Mythology B%4ls$2!

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This then got me thinking about any MASSIVE plot holes throughout the Superman franchise and I arrived at a conclusion - Kryptonite.

Now you'll have to forgive my somewhat elementary knowledge of astrophysics, but I'm under the impression that celestial debris such as asteroids and meteors, etc cannot exceed the speed of light - therefore it is extremely unlikely that they would make it to our galaxy from Krypton's by the time Clark Kent has become Superman (or earlier depending on series or adaptation)
Or ever. It would take thousands if not millions of years for objects traveling at sub-light speeds to reach us from another galaxy. That's assuming that the debris from planet Krypton would even be blown fast enough to escape the gravity well of its own galaxy, which is unlikely.

Since one lightyear is about six trillion miles, and since even the closest solar systems to our own are multiple lightyears away, even if Krypton were located right here in our own Milky Way galaxy, by the time debris from Krypton reached us it would be so spread out that none of it would hit a tiny speck like the Earth.

In other words, you are correct. Out of all the scores of things that are unrealistic about the story of a man from space who can fly and shoot X-Rays from his eyes, the meteors from planet Krypton are definitely one of them.
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