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Giant Trek movie poster bewilders me!

I have owned a Star Trek Generations movie poster for almost 2 decades and have YET to get any real information on it. This isn't your run of the mill paper poster, printed a billion times etc etc. Let me give some detail to it. The poster was printed in 1994/'95 and is around 3ftW X 7ftL on vinyl with 3 metal eyelets at the top. The poster shows most of the main cast and has a side note that says 'On Video Cassette.' I've been to a few Trek Forums and all people could say was that they have never seen it before or they would like it in their collection. Any help, information, or support would be wonderful. Let me make this crystal clear, I know what the poster was used for, it's obvious 'On videocassette' statement points me to that matter. What I would like to know is rarity, value, and buyer interest. [edit; the poster was literally so large I had to take two pictures otherwise I wouldn't have been able to fit it into my camera's view. ]

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