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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

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That would have required a much shorter movie and the removal of a good chunk of mostly good material. . . or just an entirely different plot.
No, it's called editing, pacing and getting to the point. Most critics agree that the film has way too much goingg on in the first hour, with a lot of cahracters being intorduced but no real coherent idea of why or where it's going. Nolan shouldn;'t have made the story more complex just because he can and just because TDK was. He shoulddn't have mnade it simpler, either. Bujt he should have done what Batman Begins did.. made it more visceral. How cool was it that that film started out with a brief moment of Bruce as a boy but then skips ahead to him in a prison, and we are left to wonder and figure out why he's there or where his journey will go. In this film, he's in a prison in the wrong part of the film. Thank god that bomb wasn't due to go off for 23 days. And thank God Bruce still remembers how to do push-ups.
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