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Re: "Polaris"

I've had the privilege of being an "early adopter" of the film
i.e. a test audience member thanks to Maurice, the intrepid editor of POLARIS. In other words, I've seen a rough cut of the film. And I've been given permission to post a little something here of my initial reaction. That little something will be real brief as I don't want to give away anything of the actual story.

That being said, I can tell from just the rough cut that this is going to be a steller film (pun fully intended). There is an eeriness in the story that calls back to the film's antecedents, such as FORBIDDEN PLANET and the original STAR TREK. But what truly sets this film apart from any other fan production (and this is really an independent film production in its own right) is that it uses that particular era of science fiction to create something new and exciting. And it is exciting to watch a brand-new universe unfold and get to know new characters. More than that, it's just plain exciting to watch.

The film moves. It doesn't drag. Not once was I bored. The characters are quite fun. Fredericks and Dr. Young, played by Paul Sieber and Gina Hernandez respectively, have a great rapport, which gleams through the screen. The antagonist is captivating to watch. The humor, especially Nick Cook's lines and his delivery, hits just right more than once.

The best part is that POLARIS is plain fun. It's adventure science fiction with the emphasis on adventure. And I can't wait to see the finished product with all the final VFX shots in place. Trust me, it's going to be well worth the wait.
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