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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

It's all fodder to the corporations that churn out this stuff. Some fodder is better than other fodder, that's all. Brian Fuller is one of the least hacky people working on broadcast today, but if he was a real artiste, why is he remaking some dumb show from the 60s? And shoehorning Universal's back catalog of monsters into the show, yeah right, that wasn't done to kiss corporate ass.

I'm not saying the results won't be entertaining, but I'm not expecting art. Very little of what's on TV is even close to being art, and what little there is, is on cable. I watch TV for fun. If I want art, I'll go to a museum.

We may get a complete reinvention of Star Trek for instance, but the motive won't be art. It will be that it's been sold in someplace like AMC or Showtime, where it has to be reinvented to be a viable business proposition. And it may turn out that that new version of Star Trek is more artistic than anything previously, but it will be because of commerce, not art.
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