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^The good thing about it is that at least now I know what to look for! I swear, the first reaction of any woman being taught to do a breast self exam is, "But it's all lumps!"
Pretty much the same reaction I had when I was taught the breast exam as a student. They do teach us what to look for in the history and examination, and after a while and lots of practice, eventually I did get a better grasp of the subject.
A good grasp on the subject is ideal when examining her breasts.
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Today I learned that...

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they won't do a mammogram on you if you're younger than 35 without doing a sono first
Interesting. I'm used to the opposite direction. As an over-35-year-old, I've had a couple breast sonograms as follow-ups to iffy mammograms.

I hope the evaluation by the surgeon confirms that it is absolutely nothing of concern, TSQ.
Yeah, I didn't know about this either until I called to schedule an appointment for a mammogram. I don't know if the surgeon will want to order a mammogram, and to be honest, I'm a bit scared of the mammogram. It's strange, as I've never been frightened of medical procedures, and have endured hundreds of them...some even painful. I was in the hospital practically as often as out between the ages of 2 and 10, after all. But the thought of a mammogram gives me a lot of anxiety, especially as I wasn't thinking I'd have to dea with one for another ten or twenty years!

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