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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

I just started reading Station Rage by Diane Carey, #16 in the DS9 books. The plot so far: O'Brien and Odo are poking around in an abandoned part of the station and stumble into a chamber of dead-but-preserved Cardassians. This is creepy as hell, but Sisko can't figure out how to start inquiring into how they got there without letting the Cardassians know that their tomb ( an ore-mining station?) has been violated, so he orders it sealed. Unfortunately, Garak realizes the dead Cardassians aren't dead, they're just in stasis, and apparently one of them is like the second coming of Jesus, because Garak has this worshipful reaction and then wakes them up. Now they're starting to terrorize the station, because they're a unit of killers.

This is basically the episode Empok Nor, but written two years earlier and presented in a different way. I wonder if that episode was crafted based on this? The Memory Alpha articles for both the book and the episode don't mention the connection, which is odd.
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