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Re: Combadges from a prop perspective - placement and positioning

SchwEnt wrote: View Post
So anyone wanting a comm badge would have to chose between real-life authentic prop quality (dull flat finish) versus in-universe depiction (gold metal look, shiny).
Most excellent point - I'll keep that in mind.

Gary7 wrote: View Post
A thin "pocket" glued on the inside of the uniform that would accommodate a thin semi-flexible piece of metal seems to be the best solution. This way you can remove the metal so the uniform can be washed.
I'm considering encasing the magnet assembly in polyurethane resin before inserting into the uniform to waterproof it.

Vanyel wrote: View Post
Wouldn't a magnet cause the shirt to pull towards the combadge just before the badge is affixed? The combadge is being held by a much strong force than the costume, the human hand.
If the uniform is taut enough, it should prevent that from happening.
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