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^Man, I could make so many jokes right now ("What'd they biopsy, your sense of humor?" etc.
Heh, I can tell you're enjoying this. They tried to biopsy my sense of humour, but they couldn't find anything.
You just made it so damned easy!

But before we get to the fun, are you okay?
I'm absolutely fine - thanks for asking. The anaesthetic finally wore off about two hours ago, but I'm thinking nothing of it - really, it's no skin off my back.
Well it must have been off some part of your body!
Still, it had been bugging me for a while, and it's at least it's another monkey off my back - well, it was more of a mole than a monkey, but who's taking note anyway?
I know the feeling. About two months ago I discovered a very large lump. Like any responsible woman, I do regular self exams, which means it must have grown really, really fast. I had a sonogram (they won't do a mammogram on you if you're younger than 35 without doing a sono first), which pretty much confirms that it's nothing to worry about. I hadn't realized how worried I had been until I got the results back, though. Unfortunately, I still have to see a breast surgeon as a just in case evaluation, but things look fine so it could be a lot worse.

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