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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

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I'm pretty sure J.R. said the same thing to John Ross a few episodes ago, obviously the writers hocking from this scene.
Likely, but my thinking is Young John Ross hasn't quite figured it out yet, hence his continued stupidity.
What does that have to do with the point I was making?

You posted the scene from the original show with the implication that J.R. needed to teach his son the lesson Jock was relaying to Bobby... except J.R. already did do that, like three episodes ago.
Right, and so far he's failed to seize any real power on his own and in fact diminishes his power with every action, which is an indication that he didn't learn the lesson, hence the need for reinforcement.

And John Ross isn't stupid because he's not smart the way his father is; if anything it's because the writers are writing him that way.
Dude, it's no fun if you just blame the writers for everything. "Sherlock Holmes never solved any crimes! Sir Arthur Conan Doyle did all the work for him!" See what I'm saying?
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