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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

All week long Marvel has been releasing teasers for the Marvel Now .1 issue with Nick Fury Jr. on the cover and revealing more characters each day. So far they have revealed Cable, Nova (no indication as to which Nova) and Ant-Man (again, no indication as to which Ant-Man).

However, today's reveal is the one that has me the most interested. It would seem that Marvel is not going to go the obvious route and restore Loki to his previous, evil, adult self (as one might expect with the character appearing in the Avengers movie) and instead are going to keep Kid Loki around after the end of Journey into Mystery.

The presence of the young Loki certainly suggest he's staying that way for a while longer, rather than returning to his more recognizable adult form. iFanboy speculated that Kieron Gillen, who's writing Loki over in a Journey Into Mystery run that wraps in October and is listed as one of the Point One creators, may be involved with whatever forthcoming project is attached to these three characters.
If Gillen is continuing to write the character, then I call this a "win/win" situation.

Fans of Young Avengers and the Vengence mini will be interested in this as well.
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