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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

Going back to the old show, one scene which always stuck out in my mind and which has always been, I think, one of those "earned" moments over the years was the aftermath of Tommy McKay beating up April Stevens.

Enraged, Bobby went to McKay's house where he found Tommy and his sister, Tracy (who Bobby had been dating at the time.) Bobby summarily beats the shit out of Tommy.

Bobby then goes to the hospital, where he runs in to Cliff and J.R. and they confer about April and Tommy McKay, as each of them have their own special relationship with April, they're obviously concerned for her well-being.

Carter McKay (Tommy's dad) then arrives, warning Bobby and then threatening him, and storming off.

The last shot of the video here (it was also the last shot of the episode) winds up being a simple pullback starting on Bobby, then including Cliff, and finally J.R. For three characters who never, ever saw eye to eye all the time (let alone any time before this), it was a great moment and one that benefited from seeing these three fight for over ten years, finally uniting (even if for only a moment) with that single, last shot. I liked it so much I even made an avatar of it once! Might be time to switch back...

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