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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

It's not about "fodder." No text should be "sacred," especially not to creators. Human creativity throughout history has been about creating new interpretations of pre-existing works. Shakespeare's plays were almost all based on prior plays, myths, historical tales, and the like, and he completely "rebooted" and reinvented all of them, usually greatly improving on them in the process. And his works were reinvented in turn by other creators, producing new classics like West Side Story and Forbidden Planet and Ran. You don't honor a work by slavishly copying it, you honor it by letting it inspire you to create something new and different. That way you keep its essence alive and growing, rather than trapping it on a pedestal as some fixed, unchanging relic gathering dust.

I mean, it's preposterous to say that Bryan Fuller of all people is some soulless network hack. He's a man of great creativity and originality, and if he's given a concept to remake, of course he's going to find a drastically fresh and original and twisted take on it, because that's what he does. And there's nothing in the world wrong with that.

Personally I'd love to see a complete reinvention of Star Trek from the ground up. The original has had a really, amazingly long run and built up a rich continuity, but it's got a lot of baggage and a lot of its core concepts are increasingly antiquated. I'd welcome seeing something that took the important stuff, the characters and attitude and theme, and put them into a completely new context and continuity rooted in ideas from current science fiction rather than 1940s pulps and 1960s New Wave. Not because I'm a soulless network profiteer, but because I enjoy creativity and novelty, and because I want the franchise to stay new and adaptable, to seize the cutting edge again as it originally did rather than forever being a relic of the past.
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