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In case you guys haven't heard, Shea Weber signed an offer sheet with the Flyers.

14 years and more than 100 million. Preds have a week to match it. If they don't, they get Flyers' next four first round picks.
He'll be 41 when the contract expires.

Edit: Paul Holmgren is the dumbest motherfucker on the planet. Where is he going to get the cap space? He has almost none as it is, that signing would take him right up on the ceiling and force him to field a team of AHL players (which is about all he could do after forking over four years' worth of first-round picks).

I mean, there's a decent chance that Poile matches (the only thing that would scare Nashville would be the length, I think), but, holy fuck, Holmgren. You make Mike Smith look competent.

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