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Re: Supergirl Animated Movie

^I'm not ignoring the reality -- I'm refusing to settle for the reality. Discriminatory realities never change unless people stop being complacent apologists for the status quo and instead stand up and fight to change the status quo. It's been done many times in the past, like back when it was assumed that no black actor could ever carry a mainstream movie, or that no black man could ever run for president. For generations, people settled for the status quo and fell back on the same old tired arguments for why things were the way they were. But there were others who were braver and stronger and more determined than that, who actually made an effort to change things, and they succeeded. I don't care if audiences now aren't responding to female-led titles -- they can learn to respond to them if they get enough good ones, if creators really make the effort to show them something new. Audiences are not immutable, and their tastes can be broadened. It's happened before. It happened in movies with Ripley and Sarah Connor. It can happen in comics and animation, if the will and the inspiration are there.
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