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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

New info from Comic-Con about Beware the Batman, courtesy of its producers Mitch Watson and Glen Murakami:

Some highlights:
  • The show will have a procedural flavor, focusing on Batman as a detective (cool!).
  • Although the designs are stylized, they're going for a fairly realistic feel to the protagonists and their world, in part to create a believable sense of danger for Batman. There will be episodes where Batman is pretty badly banged up.
  • By the same token, the designs are a bit more detailed and grounded than in Green Lantern, since they deal more with recognizable things like Earth cities, cars, etc.
  • The villains will be broader and more fanciful than the relatively grounded heroes. They're all comics characters that haven't been seen in animation before, including Anarky, Magpie, an obscure Golden Age villain named Cipher, and Grant Morrison's Pyg and Toad. Some of the characters are reworked/reinvented for the show, particularly a less gruesome version of Pyg and Toad. Toad is played by Udo Kier. Anarky will be the "Moriarty" to Batman's Holmes, a mastermind and manipulator (so he's probably rather altered from the comics' version of the character).

All in all, it sounds like they're going for a more serious approach to Batman again. I wonder if they're really going to avoid the classic villains entirely, or just save them for, like, the second or third season, once the show's established its own voice.

Still no artwork to see yet; apparently they're still "building" the CG Gotham and the characters and objects that will inhabit it. Murakami talks about how the process of creating 3D CG animation is more challenging than 2D, because you have to build everything and position and light and photograph it like live-action, rather than just drawing whatever you want to see.
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