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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

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But he saw the camera.

the camera recorded himself leaving when she as still alive.

Other cameras in the hotel would track him in the hotel and compare the camera footage of her falling with him going downstairs... Unless she just instantly topped herself there's a timetable at work he can p[lace himself outside of.

he's an idiot to leave the crime scene and he's an idiot not to know that he's innocent in theeyes of the l;aw once the CSI frakks have done their due diligence who trump the fuck out of profilers talking about motive and patterns.

The only reason people noticed him is becuase he didn't rubber neck and he did freak out.

If he would have justifyed there filling up his wank bank like the rest of those ribes he would havebeen fine.
Yes, but you forget he's in a three-way excrement sandwich and isn't thinking straight. One side of the sandwich got taken care of, but he thinks that just added a new side to the sandwich.
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