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Re: Jessica Nigri: Babe of the week #29 (July 2012)

I've read this entire thread, I even re-read several pages. IDK Maybe RJ just doesn't see it?
Some women get uncomfortable with some of the posts in this thread. Some have voiced that as well as some of the guys. As a newby, I was almost afraid to say something, but figured what could it hurt?
So, my thoughts, if you care to hear them. Certain attitudes are never going to change. Opinions will vary and most won't even try to protest some of the things said. They are fixed opinions and attitudes and all the rebuttals in the world will change nothing. It will just cause a circular arguement, and no one ever wins those. Consider the source, shake your head at the absurdity and move on.

And Emilia, the elephant avatar is priceless!
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