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Re: TMP Epsilon 9 radio chatter

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I agree. Random background filler. No big deal, so why not make up some Starfleet lorem ipsum? Instead someone used FJ work word-for-word. Why even take the trouble to look it up? Who had the TM copy handy?
Did they have it on set to consult for other things? Was it a reference for other aspects of the production? Who was using it for this but not that?
As stated in Ian Keldon's link above, some members of the production crew were fans, and they used it because they wanted to acknowledge FJ's work, which they were fond of. But no more should be read into it than some fan/creators trying to pay tribute to the work of another creator. Nothing to do with "establishing canon," because canon wasn't something anybody thought about back then.

Just really curious how the TM came into the production as it did.
I don't think that's anything surprising. Like I said, at the time, there simply wasn't very much Star Trek material in existence, not compared to the mountains of it we have today. When it came to professionally published Star Trek-related "nonfiction"/technical material, you had portions of The Making of Star Trek, the FJ manual and blueprints, and the Medical Reference Manual, and that was it (unless you count some bits of information offered in Roddenberry's Inside Star Trek record album, and the first Signet Best of Trek collection from 1978). Pretty much anyone who was a serious Trek fan would've been aware of at least the FJ material. And there were certainly some big Trek fans on TMP's production team.
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