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Re: TMP Epsilon 9 radio chatter

Wingsley wrote: View Post
The black, hard-bound ones! We, the few, the proud, the original geeks!
I always liked how (when you take the cover card out of the plastic pocket on front) you see the title in gold letters and it resembles the Table of Comets book used in Balance of Terror, as if those two books have the same publisher.

(I seem to recall there being another episode when a black hardcover book was used, I think in the briefing room, but I can't remember which episode. Thanks to anyone who can help with this.)

I think Albertese wins the thread, though:
Albertese wrote: View Post
Hence, the authenticity of radio chatter and the pre-flight warp systems check list (straight off of TO:03:11:20 from the TM).
Good catch.
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