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Re: The Dark Knight Rises Anticipation Station

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Ebert's review of TDKR looks just about right; he gave it three stars, not as high as TDK which he described as "near perfect."
Actually, I just rewatched TDK, and it is far from perfect. As has been noted frequently before - 1) it ends too many times, 2) its first ending (the ferries/ hostage/ cell phone extravaganza) has pacing problems - though is saved somewhat by Joker's gleeful, "and I won't kill you - because you're just too much fun" at its close, and 3) its second ending, while emotionally satisfying, doesn't really make much sense - especially in light of where the story apparently goes in TDKR.

It's interesteing to hear from reviewers that TDKR seems to reverse the trend of Nolan's two earlier Batman films - where the first halves are engrossing and the second halves are muddled with too much going on and somewhat non-sensical motivations are driving things.

I expect from TDKR, though, the same reaction I had to initial viewings of the other two films - pleasurable surprise at Nolan's balls for what he's willing to do within the limited field of the superhero movie genre, frissions of near-depth on social issues (though he, like most people dealing with trying to get at social issues in a story with a wealthy vigilante hero, often find themselves in questionable moral positions - kudos to him though for acknowledging the questionableness of the moraility), some confusion as to how and why people are doing things, and the knowledge that subsequent viewings are not going to match the first one. Batman Begins and The Dark Knight certainly suffer under the weight of familiarity, though both have stunning moments that are generally worth the rewatch. I expect a couple of those out of TDKR too.
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