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Re: Supergirl Animated Movie

^Even if that's true, and I'm not at all convinced it is, it remains a vicious cycle. Superhero media will never attract more female fans until they stop consciously excluding and alienating them. I've read a number of essays and blog posts online by female comics fans who love superheroes in principle, who want to support and participate in the genre, but who feel excluded by the pervasive attitudes of the industry, the insistence on reducing female characters to oversexualized caricatures and women in refrigerators, the reluctance to give female-led titles an equal chance. There are quite a lot of female writers and artists in the industry now -- yes, including on superhero comics -- but there's still an uphill battle.

So defending the problem is just perpetuating the problem. If enough people stand up and say "This is not acceptable," then it can change. So I'm not interested in listening to your rationalizations and excuses for a practice that is simply wrong. And you shouldn't be either. You should be standing up and insisting on a change. We all should.
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