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Re: Supergirl Animated Movie

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It's ridiculous to abandon all female-led movies because one did poorly. They wouldn't cancel all movies with male leads just because one did poorly. It's gross sexism.
Perhaps, but as a business decision it makes sense.
No, it doesn't. The point is, how do they know that it failed because the lead was female? There could be a lot of other reasons, so automatically jumping to that conclusion is not sensible in the least. It's just assuming that the movie's failure is confirmation of their existing prejudice against female leads.

Think about it, the audience for superhero films is overwhelmingly male. Men, in general, tend not to consume genre products with female leads and there are usually not enough female fans to pick up the slack.
I don't think that makes sense at all. Why wouldn't men want to watch female leads? Speaking as a heterosexual man, I'd much rather watch women than men in just about any context. I love stories with female leads.

Not to mention that we've had plenty of successful genre products with female leads, such as the Alien franchise, the worthwhile parts of the Terminator franchise, Xena and Buffy, the Underworld and Resident Evil franchises, etc. The Legend of Korra is one of the biggest genre hits of the year, judging from how much attention and cosplay it got at Comic-Con. And those had plenty of male fans as well as female ones. So I say that party line about men not liking female leads is a myth.

I think it's also a myth that "the audience for superhero films is overwhelmingly male." Comic-Con attendees this year were forty percent female. There's a huge audience of women out there who love comics and animation and want material that represents them more and better, but the industry is unwilling to give it to them because of these outdated and ignorant assumptions about the gender makeup and preferences of their audience.
I'm sorry Christopher but you're wrong about this one and its a well researched phenomenon.

First of all I did not say that they had no male fans. There is a subset of the male fan base that does enjoy female led stories, but its a small portion. Its not that men don't want to women, its that they tend not to identify with them as the lead heroic character. This is a trend that has been identified across the spectrum of mass media and is well documented. You run across the same phenomenon when it comes to non-white lead characters.

Buffy is a bad example since the overwhelming majority of its fan base was female.

As for female fans at comic-con, if you look closely, most of them are not fans of the superhero genre. Comic-con features a wide array of sub genres many of which do have a stronger female fan base (vampires, anime, fantasy etc). Again, I'm not saying that there are not any female superhero fans, its just that they are usually not enough to make up for the lack of interest by male fans.

The point though is not that a females superhero film won't make money. It clearly will. The WW film did ok. The thing is that it did not do as well the counterpart Batman and Superman films did...and it took longer for it to earn that money.
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