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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

107. Three Colors: White (A-)
108. Logan's Run (C+)

Three Colors: White: This has been called the slightest film of this trilogy, but I think it's only marks a marginal decline from Three Colors: Blue. It's biggest problem is getting audiences to sympathize with the principal character, who loves his wife (swiftly, his ex-wife) despite her constant abuse. She divorces him for being able to perform sexually, wipes out his bank account, frames him for arson, and taunts his impotence over the phone. Yet, through all this antagonism, he still loves her. Even when he's ultimately completed a scheme to destroy her life, he still cries for her (at least, that's how I read the final shot). I think the ending might be the film's greatest strength; if Hollywood were to use this premise, his victory over her would be played solely as a just and happy one. Here, it's more ambiguous, and lends the movie a greater sense of reality.

Logan's Run: I've seen this 1976 sf film get rather savaged on this board for representing the nadir of 70s cheese, but I think that's a bit unfair. Oh, sure, there are moments (like the laughable robot) that must have looked silly 35 years ago, and certainly look silly now, but there are others that are more effective (the production design of the 23rd century, although very 70s, is pretty interesting). It's by no means a masterpiece (the direction is at times workmanlike, at other times renders sequences incoherent), but it makes for a passable spectacle. There's definitely room for a remake to improve upon it, although it's hard to imagine it getting away with the casual nudity and the pretty experimental score (by Jerry Goldsmith) that are present here.

Judging from Wikipedia, it departs rather dramatically from the novel (novella?), which also has a bunch of sequels. Worth reading?

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