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Re: 50TH Anniversary rumor

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^^^ Both really good ideas, though Photoman15's sounds a little like something DC would/did do in one or more of the Crisis storylines

I once posted something like, if the TARDIS had the flu and kept changing console rooms or generally rearranging itself in it's fever state, at least we could see some of the old ones.

I'd love to see #4's Victorian console room in the episode where Matt & Jenna are dressed for that period. Maybe the TARDIS decides to dress up for the occasion too.
Funny thing is I never read the DC Crisis stuff. I came up with mine because when my 3 year old niece was little I used to ask her:
"At the end of the universe, when it expends all its energy and starts collapsing into a singularity known as the Big Crunch, will time go backward or forward?"

And she would make me repeat it everytime I saw her. The othe day she asked me if I remembered the question and to post it on her facebook. (She's 23 now). That's how I came up with my premise.
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