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Re: Orci says ST series talk "getting real"

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CBS's audience simply isn't the sci if crowd and of all the broadcast nets, it has the highest ratings and therefore highest standards for a new show to have to achieve. I don't want Star Trek to be doomed from the start by airing on CBS, where the audience isn't interested and it needs 11 million just to keep from being cancelled.

And that's assuming it makes its way through the pilot process. This past year, CBS only picked up what, two drama? NBC and ABC picked up many more. CBS's eternally successful lineup makes it harder for any series to get a green light there.
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I predicted a series after 3 JJ movies, but hey, looks like it could be after 2.
If the wheels started shortly after the BO for the second movie comes in strong, then the show might not even be ready to go till the third movie premieres, assuming they don't have another inordinately long wait. Two years is more sensible.

Well "after 2" covers a lot of territory...the movie comes out in 2013, then we wouldnt expect one for about 3 years, so we're talking 2014-2016 for a new show.
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