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Re: Exploring a darker theme in a future star trek series

Let's see


Kirk - Scarred by massacre on Tarsus IV. Ambivalent relationship w/ father.
Spock - Tense relationship with father. More daddy issues. Terrible television here so far.
McCoy - Shut off his father's life support in an act of mercy, days before a cure for his boneitis is found. Haunts him to this day.


Picard - Jean Luc, y u no maek wine like all other Picards? Son, I am disappoint
Riker - His dad's a dick
Worf - His dad's dead. And framed as a traitor.
Troi - Dead dad. Sad. Issues.
Data & Lore - I don't even have to explain this. Daddy issues.

I could go on.
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