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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

The glorification of this movie being a semi-prequel to "Alien" seems to have been over leveraged for this film. Ridley Scott, the celebrated master director. While he is certainly one of the better directors around, you'd think with the positioning of this movie it would be at least as good as Alien, if not falling a little behind it. But the TBBS opinions on this movie are all over the place. There's no clear concensus on this being a terrific or really good movie.

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Very disappointed. The film is dramatically arbitrary, full of characters who make irrational or even self-destructive choices for no discernible reason other than that it's necessary for the plot to unfold.
When you employ people on a very expensive mission, you make sure they're top notch and highly qualified. They won't be idiots at the sign of the first crisis because failure is an expensive consequence. Immensely expensive in this case. So, it's very disheartening to hear that they behave like this.

Was part of the problem due to the editing? Was enough captured on film whereas a better editing job could have resulted in a finer film? If 30 minutes were cut, I really wonder how much of that would have contributed to a welcomed improvement.

So... it's another sci-fi movie with a lot of eye candy to make up for the deficiencies? That's a huge disappointment. I've been holding off on seeing it but if the eye candy is as good as reported, then I'll have to catch it before it leaves the theaters. I just hope I'm not as sorely disappointed as so many people have been.

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Wow--very interesting treatise on the movie.

Anyway... I'm really baffled how productions with such deep pockets can invest so much then screw it up with trivial mistakes that could have been avoided. Can't they see it coming as editing results unfold? I wonder how much Lindelof co-wrote the screen play. I have to say, this guy puts on a bit more show than I feel telegraphs real talent. While some characters on LOST made stupid mistakes, they were mostly believable people. But in this movie? You'd think with all of his experience he'd have more sensibility on making characters more intelligent and thoughtful. But no, it sounds like he throws that out the window. Another seductive beginning and unfinished ending kind of deal.
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