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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

Journey into Mystery 641-- Ah JiM, I'm really am going to miss you. The conclusion of the Manchester Gods arc sees Loki, who believes that Asgardia supports the wrong side, tips the scales against the old Gods of Otherworld and into the favor of the Machester Gods, who support progress and industrialization. Sadly, this plays right into the hands of Surtur and leads directly into the "Everything Burns" crossover, which will be Kieron Gillen's swansong on the title.

The conclusion of Leah's arc was unexpected and Loki's grief felt genuine and heartfelt. I may have misted up a little myself.

New Mutants 46-- "Fear the Future" part 3 see the team fighting off future Doug who has become a tyrannical ruler in the future using his talents and a connection to Warlock tech. Now that the team is aware of Doug's potential, one can assume that the next arc, "Fight the Future" will see the team actively trying to prevent Doug's future from happening. Preent-Doug seems pretty shocked by all of this, but Future-Doug said that this was already happening and that he was the culmination of plans that present-Doug was already making. DnA's New Mutants has been "meh" largely, but I did enjoy this arc and will continue with the book until it folds with issue 50.

Fantastic Four 608, the conclusion of the Wakanda arc and another winner from Johnathon Hickman. Sue, Shuri and Storm fight off the source of the undead while Reed and T'Challa journey to realm of fallen Panthers. The Panther god restores T'Challa to Black Panther status while allowing Shuri to retain her powers as well. Hickman keeps setting up new plot threads that he won't be wrapping up before he leaves the book and its a little disappointing that he won't developing these stories himself.

There is a tie-in to the AvX in the story that raises questions that I will be bringing up in the AvX thread later.

Daredevil 15-- Matt's escape from Latveria. A nice tale of Matt bereft of his hyper-senses by the Latverian government, who seek the secrets of Matt's hyper-sense as recompense for his recent campaign against Mega-crime. I really enjoy Daredevil, but am anxious for the satory to returr to more familiar territory, I'm still anxiously awaiting the reveal of what Foggy found in Matt's office and how it will cause their split.
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