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Re: TMP Epsilon 9 radio chatter

I guess it's fairly obscure. But I wonder what the story is of using FJ TM technical terminology and illus. and vessel nomenclature in TMP (and then later movies)?

I don't recall any behind-the-scenes stories or interviews about how the TM came to be used like this in the films.

Was someone in the production really a fan and wanted to showcase FJ work? Was is simply a matter of digging up some material to use license-free? Was someone trying to stick to canon or establish it?

The radio chatter could have been written with any random names and numbers and so on. Why use the exact words from the TM? Was it intentional? Or just handy? Who chose to use it? Who on the production team knew about the TM and went to that source? Who needed to approve it?

Just a lot of wondering. I don't recall reading anything about how the TM came to be used in the films.

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