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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

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If there was any sense in this world, Lindelof would have difficulties finding employment in Hollywood after this. This was a potentially great movie that was single-handedly ruined by a terrible script.
Terrible movie script and terrible sales? Your career in Hollywood is history, unless you're really well connected and can attribute it to things beyond your control. Or, let enough time go by for people to forget... sometimes you can remake yourself, like what happened with Mickey Rourke.

Terrible movie script, mixed movie reception, and reasonably profitable sales? You're still good and shouldn't have trouble getting more work.

Good script, well liked movie, and nicely profitable sales? You're sought out and can almost write your own ticket.

Great script, Oscar awards, and blockbuster sales? You're not only writing your own ticket, you're telling the movie houses what movies you're making and they just nod "yes" as they fork over the funds.
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