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Re: Currently working through the missing episode audios...


I loved it, what can I say. The characters were spot on, the story moved at a decent pace, the setting was believable and the humour wasn't over the top. Paris sounded a lot like John Cleese so I couldn't get an image of him out of my head. For most of the external scenes I kept thinking of the 2004 movie with Brad Pitt, but then I remembered I had to tone down my visualisation to the budget Dr Who had.

Vicki's departure was well handled. The romance between Troilus and Vicki came out of left field in the second episode (I'm guessing visuals would have provided more clues than just the audio) but the remaining episodes built on this and it was sad to see her go. She would've been pissed if she'd stayed behind only to find him dead at the hands of Achilles.

It's "funny" how some of the historical stories (The Myth Makers, The Massacre, The Gunfighters, etc) revolve around a violent event in history, so usually the final episode of each story ends in bloodshed.

Well, I have 12 to go, 4 Hartnell and 8 Troughton. Best get back into Troughton territory so I don't get top heavy with one Doctor over another.

I'll try The Underwater Menace next. Never liked the story based on the surviving episode (and basic plot). I look forward to being surprised, and to see what TUM2 is like.
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