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Re: The Legend of Korra - Book One: Air

The more I re-watch TLoK, the more I want to know who Korra's key animator is. Her look, body language, and "acting" are so consistent that I think it must be the work of one artist, like the way Glen Keane was the key animator for Pocahontas and Rapunzel and others. Whoever has that job for Korra is simply brilliant. She's so well-animated, with a consistent way of moving and posing and showing expression that just conveys her character so well.

Also... I have to say this carefully to avoid it sounding prurient... but I'm really impressed by the way they animate Korra's breasts. I mean, yeah, she's a relatively ample-chested character, but not in the exaggerated, caricatured, sexualized way of a lot of women in anime or comics or video games. And conversely, her bust isn't downplayed the way it might be in animation aimed at a younger audience. So it strikes a good balance between... well, between two extremes of immaturity, you could say. Or two extremes of dishonesty; they're neither censoring the fact that breasts are mobile things nor exaggerating it to pander to male fantasies. There is a lot of care put into rendering the way her breasts move when she's in action, or the way gravity affects them when she lies/falls down (particularly in the last few minutes of "The Aftermath"), but it's not the absurd, unnatural "breast physics" of video games or anime, just a realistic depiction of the motions of natural, unaugmented (and apparently unsupported) breasts. So it is sexy to watch for those of us who enjoy such things, but in a way that isn't objectifying to the character or alienating to women, and in a way that doesn't insult the audience by assuming we're all a bunch of juvenile fanboys. And in a way that's simply worth admiring as an aspect of the animator's skill and attention to realistic detail, and as an approach that's all too uncommon in the depiction of female characters in animation and comics.
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