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Re: Star Trek: Our Sacred Honor--A Tale Of Captain Ezri Dax

And now...back at The Ranch...

Star Trek: Aventine
Our Sacred Honor
Chapter 25

Sorak leaned back in his seat, relaxing a bit—merely a bit, so as not to stun L’Haan with the “emotionalism” of the act. On the screen, Verna Talkon of FNS was discussing the statements with a panel of experts.

L’Haan turned off the screen, her features unreadable.

Sorak let her. All was said that needed to be said. Except…

“Might I remark,” Sorak offered, “That Captain Dax has, as far my own grasp of logic suggests…proven her usefulness.”

L’Haan rose to her feet, gathering the series of padds she had apparently laid out prior to her communication with Sarina Douglass.

Sorak tilted his head. “After all…she herself has effectively articulated—”

“Sorak,” L’Haan turned to him, straight and rigid—clearly, as far as Sorak was concerned, struggling to suppress a…“feeling” of disgust, “In the future, I would be most appreciative if you would kindly refrain from interfering in the activities of my division, from this moment forward.”

Sorak’s eyebrow rose. “Have I?”

“Nor will I take kindly to your presuming to dictate to me how to conduct its affairs.” L’Haan paused, and added, “Do I make myself clear?”

Was she conceding defeat? Or…or was this a means of preparing him, in her own way, for a refusal to assist Dax, and leave things to the Council?

At any rate, he had done what he could. Sorak rose to his feet, and nodded. “Perfectly clear, L’Haan.”

L’Haan nodded. “I am grateful. Now you will kindly allow me to my own undertakings.”

Sorak returned the nod. “Of course.”

He walked to the transporter pad, but stopped…and turned to his fellow director.

“I can assure you, L’Haan,” he said, “All of the efforts I have engaged in—disquieting to you though they may be—have all been conducted only for the security of the Federation.”

“And I can assure you, Sorak,” L’Haan replied, “That I have never conducted my affairs with any other motivation. I have respected you, deeply. I had thought that you viewed me in the same regard.”

Sorak stared back at her, meeting her gaze. He said, “I had, L’Haan.”

“I can also assure you, that rhetoric notwithstanding—my decisions will be grounded in nothing less.”

Defensiveness, L’Haan? That hardly becomes you. Surely you are not preemptively defending an action you feel I would disapprove of?

On the other hand…

Sorak shrugged internally. He would know, soon enough. And so, he simply replied, “For the Federation.”

L’Haan nodded. “For the Federation.”

And Sorak stepped onto the transporter pad, and the beam enveloped him…to leave L’Haan alone with her decision.

* * *
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