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Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

So, I keep up with the show, but not this thread. Last night's episode though, was shit. We have caricature medical examiners that would look cartoonish in a cartoon. The cowboy just felt really forced and silly. It didn't fit the tone of the show.

Next, the murder case is tied to Rizzoli, again. Come on, that's beyond forced. The writers couldn't invest the viewers in the case without something so trite? Maybe they should take some lessons from Angie Harmon's previous show, Law and Order. Don't get me wrong, I generally like how the characters are written on the show, I just don't enjoy the "small world" syndrome of making every other case related to the main characters.

If I were Boston PD I would be tempted at this point to force them out of town. It would be the quickest way to lower crime.
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