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Re: Does anyone else dislike Keiko O'brien?

Even when we first saw Keiko, she and Miles were getting married and she waited almost till the last minute to call it off.

...because it would make her happy...

And then like a true Bi-polar champion, she eventually perks up and tells everyone to put back on their uniforms, it's back on!!

Great way to start things off, lol.

And here is a typical day with Keiko nagging Miles to do some chore as usual;

KEIKO: Miles, I'd never do anything to hurt your daughter, unless you forced me to. These are your instructions. Follow them precisely.
And to show just how sadistic, how mean, how cruel this woman actually is, she managed to knick her daughter's Molly's hair really hard (she said, OW!) while she was combing it, just for the hell of it.

....oh wait..she was possessed by something....nevermind..
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