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Re: RIZZOLI & ISLES tv series and book series disscusions and comment

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Speaking of too much, I listened to a talkshow comparing X:WP & R&I's that promised you (or at least "an" Adm H) were going to be one of the panelists... but alas that was not to be. Maybe your life will slow down after the con, and you can "just" enjoy the show.

Or enjoy those parts of the show that strike your fancy...

those parts with handcuffs...

and kidnappers...


Yes, that was me. I was going to be on, but I had a family emergency pop up on me, and I had to cancel. The hosts were very understanding, and I felt really bad for not being able to show.

I'll likely be on the show again after the convention to talk about the convention and then again to be with the XWP ladies to chat in round two of their discussion.

Meanwhile, last night's episode was pretty okay. The Texan made me want to shoot someone. We don't wear cowboy hats INSIDE. It's rude. However, there was plenty of Rizzles action, so I'm good today.

Thank God, too, because the convention would have been full of not happy ladies if it'd been another episode full of "Janie's got a boyfriend".
Re: Rizzles... yeah, I THOUGHT that final scene on the couch with the blanket would find approval on your side of the TV set.

Sorry to hear about the family emergency, we all seem to be having those kind of things lately. Hope things have smoothed over, in the interim.

Don't forget to give a heads up Re: round two of XWP vs R&I (I don't remember where I found it in the first place.)

Speaking about this week... I REALLY hated those pink high heels... even more than Jane!

One question Re: Tommy... I thought his dalliance with Lydia was BEFORE Dad came into the picture. Seems like any "non-Daddy" induced pregnancy was spawned from someone OTHER than a Rizzoli.

I got to say... as much as I hated that silly vacuum of Dr Pike's... I did love his drunken profession of love to Maura (She playes horrified well, don't you think?) As for the cowboy, I actually thought they were setting him up to be the evil texter/soon to be kidnapper, especially after I saw his "invention" brought into the crime lab.

And finally, re: the cowboy's hat... maybe he just has awful "hathead" and didn't have a comb/brush to fluff it back up?
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